December 31, 2020

Join the Green Eye Hemp Cafe Loyalty Club! Earn Rewards!

Who doesn’t love free stuff! At the Green Eye Hemp Cafe we are excited to announce our Loyalty Club where you can earn points for discounts […]
December 2, 2020

Find Your Own Special Blends!

The Green Eye Hemp Cafe is all about customizing the perfect combinations of blends for your experience to be exceptional.
November 19, 2020

What is The Third Eye?

“The Third Eye is a mystical and esoteric concept of a speculative invisible eye, usually depicted as located on the forehead, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.” […]
November 14, 2020

New in Gatlinburg Green Eye Hemp Cafe & CBD Shop

Now in Gatlinburg, you’ll be able to enjoy the very finest local coffees and specially blended teas along with a tasty pre-roll product. Are you looking […]